About the Journal

  1. Journal Title: Adpetikis | Journal of Lecturer Islamic Comprehensive
  2. Initials: Adpetikis
  3. Frequency: -
  4. Print ISSN: -
  5. Online ISSN: -
  6. Editor in Chief: St. Habibah
  7. DOI: -
  8. Publisher: Asosiasi Dosen PTKIS Indonesia

Adpetikis: Journal of Lecturer Islamic Comprehensive is a National journal published by the Indonesian PTKIS Lecturer Association. All submitted articles are subject to a double-blind review process. This journal accepts research and non-research articles that will be reviewed by at least 2 (two) reviewers. After the manuscript is submitted through an online process, journal editors examine the manuscript and determine its suitability for a complete peer review. If the initial selection passes, the manuscript will be sent to one or more peer reviewers. The journal's editorial board will then consider peer reviewer reports and submit a final decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication. The language used in this journal since 2021 is Indonesian.

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